Wholesale Screen Printing

We print for businesses big & small, schools, organizations, family reunions & everything in between.  Our minimum is 12 pieces & no job is too large for our high production grade equipment.  We use the highest quality inks in every application. Different inks work best for different jobs.  We will work with you to find the best ink types for you printing needs.

 Plastisol Inks

This is the industry standard ink. Predictable pantone matches, precise lines, vibrant & opaque colors. This is the go to for most shirts printed in the United States & can be printed on almost all fabric make ups. We also work with a number of different techniques & additives to make a premium “soft hand” plastisol print. This results in a durable, consistent, & fashion forward print. This makes prints on light shirts and distressed prints on dark shirts feel great! We proudly use PVC & phthalate free plastisol inks.

Water Based Inks

A very soft hand ink made of water & binders mixed with pigment, totally eco friendly. Water based inks will sit in the fibers of the garments and breathe very well but will be unpredictable with color matching. Water based inks work best on light colored garments & give a very good distressed look & feel to your prints. Water based inks require a lot of extra attention on press and have a higher rate of spoilage, please consider purchasing additional garments if an exact number is needed. This is a premium service & may include an up-charge.

Discharge Inks

Discharge Inks are a special type of water based ink that works best on dark garments. Discharge is pretty magical stuff, it bleaches the cotton in a shirt and replaces the garment color with the color of the ink. Once a shirt printed with discharge ink is washed there is no feeling to the ink what so ever! Sounds like great stuff, so what is the catch? Discharge ink works best on 100% cotton. Vintage prints may be made on cotton blends but the print will be INCREDIBLY unpredictable in terms of brightness & pantone match. With that being said, this stuff is awesome for vintage prints where an exact pantone is not needed. As mentioned before with water based inks, there is much more work involved so rate of spoilage may be higher. If an exact number of garments is needed please consider ordering a few extras. This is a premium service & may include an up-charge.

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